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We’ll pay cash for your old German currency.

Do you have German coins or bills sitting in a drawer at home? Germany switched to the euro in 2002, and once the conversion was complete the Deutsche Mark ceased to be legal tender in Germany. Most U.S. banks and currency exchanges will refuse to exchange Deutsche Marks for dollars, and may even tell you (incorrectly) that your old German money is worthless. (You may be surprised to learn how valuable your old German notes and coins still are.)

Our name says it all: we pay Dollars For Deutschmarks!

Dollars For Deutschmarks is a service of Euro Coin Exchange, the leading buyer of euro coins in North America. Our customers count on us to buy their British, Canadian and Euro coins and notes, plus many other currencies, and now you can rely on us to safely and conveniently exchange your German currency for dollars.

From 5 Deutschmarks to 5,000, we can help with unsurpassed service and security – all backed by our Safe Exchange Guarantee.

What about my coins?
If you’ve ever tried to exchange foreign coins at your local bank, you’ve probably been disappointed to learn that they only buy paper money. Banks rarely (if ever) buy back foreign coins. We solve this problem for you safely and conveniently. Because we are the only currency exchange in the USA which specializes in coins, we will buy your German coins, too.

How it works
Simply mail your Deutschmarks to us (we accept notes and coins) and we will promptly exchange them for US dollars at our published rates with NO HIDDEN FEES, no commissions, no extra charges and no bogus expenses. In most cases, we will mail you a check within one business day of receiving your currency. You can also receive your payment via PayPal. To proceed, please visit the SENDING YOUR COINS section of our website.

We welcome you to explore our website for pictures of the notes and coins we buy, tips for mailing your coins safely and inexpensively, and so much more. See our FAQ’s page for complete terms and conditions.

If you need to exchange British or Canadian coins or bills, or want to learn more about the other currencies we buy, the services we provide to individual consumers and businesses, fundraising opportunities for your group or organization, or ways to donate your foreign coins and bills to the charity of your choice, we invite you to visit the Euro Coin Exchange web site.

Can’t find what you need? Give us a call toll-free at 855-EUROCOIN (855-387-6264) and we’ll be glad to help you.