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Calculate the value of your Deutsche Marks with our handy Exchange Rate Calculator:

To calculate the amount we will pay you in U.S. dollars for your old German currency, enter the total amount of Deutsche Mark notes in the first box of the left column, then enter the total amount of Deutsche Mark coins in the second box.

If you prefer to do the math yourself, divide what you have by the “Conversion Rate.” For example, if you send us 200 Deutsche Marks in old bank notes, Try our new currency calculatorwe will pay you $92.26 (200 divided by 2.16783).

Alternatively, you can multiply what you have by the “Inverse” and get the same result. Using the same example as above (“What will I receive for 200 Deutsche Marks?”), multiply 200 by 0.46129 and the result is $92.26.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this chart.

Deutsche Marks: Monetary units per U.S. dollar
Quantity (in DM’s) Coins or Notes Conversion rate (DM/$) Inverse (DM/$) We Pay ($’s)
Notes (Paper money) 2.16783 0.46129
Coins 2.49900 0.40016


REMINDER: The largest denomination Deutsche Mark note is 1,000 DM’s. If you have a note with an amount bigger than 1,000 on it, your note was probably issued before 1948 and is too old to exchange.