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Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins

We will exchange almost all post-war Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins for dollars, including any of the banknotes listed below:

  • Bundesbank banknotes (banknote series BBk I/Ia and III/IIIa)
  • Banknotes from the Bank deutscher Länder (BdL) – with the exception of the 50 Mark BdL note II (green), issued in 1948 (exchange stopped on 15 March 1951)

Images of some of the more commonly found German banknotes appear below. At the bottom of the page you will find links to images of some older series Deutsche Marks along with pictures of the coins we will buy.

Important note: We do not buy banknotes or coins that were issued prior to 20 June 1948, nor do we buy banknotes and coins from the former Soviet occupation zone and the German Democratic Republic (the former East Germany), as these can no longer be exchanged or redeemed. As a general rule, if you see a swastika, a picture of Adolph Hitler, the words “Deutsche Demokratische Republik,” the abbreviation “DDR”, or a date on a note or coin prior to 1948, we won’t buy it.

Hint: There are many German notes in circulation which were issued between 1900 and the early 1940’s, some with huge face values (up to a Billion Marks!) Most of these notes have little or no value and we cannot exchange them for you. The largest denomination Deutsche Mark note is 1,000 DM’s. If you have a note with an amount bigger than 1,000 on it, your note was probably issued before 1948 and is too old to exchange.

Images of some common pre-euro German banknotes which we will buy:

5 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:5 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:5 DM banknote - reverse side

10 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:10 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:10 DM banknote - reverse side

20 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:20 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:20 DM banknote - reverse side

50 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:50 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:50 DM banknote - reverse side

100 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:100 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:100 DM banknote - reverse side

200 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:200 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:200 DM banknote - reverse side

500 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture:500 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:500 DM banknote - reverse side

1000 DM banknotes, BBK3 series

picture: 1000 DM banknote - obverse sidepicture:1000 DM banknote - reverse side

OLDER NOTES: Click on these links to see pictures of Deutsche Mark banknotes of earlier series:


Images of some common pre-euro German coins which we will buy:

1 Pfennig coins

1 Pf Obverse

2 Pfennig coins

2 Pf Reverse2 Pf Obverse

5 Pfennig coins

5 Pf Reverse5 Pf Obverse

10 Pfennig coins

10 Pf Reverse10 Pf Obverse

50 Pfennig coins

50 Pf Reverse50 Pf Obverse

1 DM coins

1 DM reverse1 DM obverse

2 DM coins

2 DM reverse2 DM obverse

2 DM reverse2 DM Adenauer2 DM Brandt2 DM Erhard2 DM Heuss

2 DM Planck2 DM Schumacher2 DM Strauss

5 DM coins

5 DM Reverse5 DM Obverse5 DM Reverse5 DM Obverse


Images and related banknote and coin information courtesy of Deutsche Bundesbank, the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Copyright: Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.